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Dolfing Druten has an excellent reputation as a waterbed manufacturer with related brand owners and sales organisations. We have been producing water mattresses of the highest quality for over thirty years, with the entire product (from raw materials to finished article) manufactured in the Netherlands. This allows us to vouch for and guarantee quality at all times.
Among other things, we produce for the brands; Dreamtec, Pacific, Meisel & Gerken, Flexside and many others!

Furthermore, The Dolfing Waterbed (HDW) is our own brand, which now includes a whole range of waterbeds. With the five base models of The Dolfing Waterbed and the many customisation options, we can now produce a waterbed for everyone. The models are distinguished by the contours of the mattress, the design of the frame and the upholstery. Each model offers a choice of stabilisation level and the type of heating element.