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Dolfing Druten also offers high-quality practical solutions for the medical sector, where it is very important that product seams are free of dirt and bacteria. Applying high-frequency welding techniques to the seams meets this requirement, while also making them watertight and airtight.

Products we manufacture include pneumatic splints (Dyron, Lagaay), medical pillows, bed rail protectors, watertight mattress covers, bed sensor mats, recyclable plastic trousers (Gooyaerts), cuffs (Demcon, BMEYE, Multin) and incubator cases.

Babybloom Incubator

We produce de High frequency welded covers for the Babybloom Incubator. This incubator provides a warm and safe place to grow and develop for the most vulnerable premature infants while keeping mother as close as possible. It is the most silent incubator on the market and it shields the infant from damaging noise and light.

Bed shower

The company Lofré developed an bed- and living room shower for people who are less mobile and can’t leave there living room. We supply various parts of these two types of shower.


In the past we have made pillows for the company Bi-Air that were used in hospitals. These could be professionally cleaned together with the hospital bed.

Waterproof mattress cover PU

For different companies we are HF welding the mattress cover made out of polyurethane. These are used in hospitals and nursing homes.