The Dolfing company has been manufacturing clothing since 1919, applying high-frequency welding techniques since 1958. Besides watertight workwear, it now serves a number of other markets including Waterbeds, Medicine, Automotive & Shipping etc. The production facility in Druten also manufactures specialist inflatables and other HF-welded special products.  read more >

About us

Dolfing Druten is a true family business with a rich history and a wealth of experience. This history dates all the way back to 17th May 1919 in Emmen. This is when Jan Dolfing first started his tailoring business. He transferred his knowledge, enjoyment and quality work over to his son Geert Dolfing in 1945, after moving to Kamerik. The company in Druten expanded under his management and the knowledge and quality continued to grow. Grandson Peter Dolfing added his perspective and experience in 1977 and eventually passed over the reins to the fourth generation in 2013: Geert Dolfing jr. So what’s changed over the years? The buildings, the people and the machines. What has remained? The distinctive technology of water- and airtight welding and the love for the trade. This is still very evident in every small detail, both in the clothing as well as the contact with us.  read more >

Protective wear

Discover the latest Dolfing High Visibility and other professional, protective (work) clothing. Practical and comfortable to wear in all conditions. That’s why you will often come across the green Dolfing clothing in, for example, the Agricultural sector. You will also find countless people dressed in this branded clothing in industries such as Offshore & Fishing, Building & Industry and Food & Cleaning. You can even provide walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists with protective and comfortable outerwear with the Recreational line.
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Dolfing Druten also offers high-quality practical solutions for the medical sector, where it is very important that product seams are free of dirt and bacteria. Applying high-frequency welding techniques to the seams meets this requirement, while also making them watertight and airtight. read more >


Dolfing Druten manufactures high-quality products for the automotive and shipping sectors through Webasto and Imperial, among others. Examples include folding roofs, linings for personal and public transport, car mats, canopies, splash covers, and covers for anchor winches, control panels, engines and battery bags. read more >

HF-Welded special products

Creative people with good ideas are welcome to call upon our resourcefulness, extensive knowledge and years of experience in high-frequency welding. We encourage anyone looking for a creative partner and a reliable supplier for their special product to get in touch. We will be glad to think and work alongside you. read more >


Dolfing Druten has an excellent reputation as a waterbed manufacturer with related brand owners and sales organisations. We have been producing water mattresses of the highest quality for over 40 years, with the entire product (from raw materials to finished article) manufactured in the Netherlands. This allows us to vouch for and guarantee quality at all times. read more >