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HF-Welded special products

Creative people with good ideas are welcome to call upon our resourcefulness, extensive knowledge and years of experience in high-frequency welding. We encourage anyone looking for a creative partner and a reliable supplier for their special product to get in touch. We will be glad to think and work alongside you.

In the past, we have also answered the call of students coming to us for a graduation project, and shared our knowledge with them. We have been tasked with the design and production of a great many products over the years. A few examples include: laboratory clothing (MSD), magnet sheaths, Velcro strips, protective covers for robotic arms (NAWI), suitcases, carry bags (Joris de Groot), lampshades, inflatable furniture and other inflatables (Airworks, Sjoffels) and massage mats (Kiela).


This bench is filled with water, resulting in a wavy sitting experience. Although it seems classic, when a second person takes place, the surprise of feeling each others movements evokes conversation. This great bench will spark up the vibes at the reception, at the coffee corner or in any other semi-public space!


Inflatable cushion to make any seat into a moving chair


For Retroflex we produce, among other things, reflective bracelets for the Dutch and Belgian police.
Retroflex B.V. is the European specialist in retro-reflective products since 1985. Even before the European high visibility standards were introduced, Retroflex started to develop and sell retro-reflective products.

Designer bags

Joris de Groot (born 1988 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands) is a designer searching for the tension between craftsmanship and industry in his work. Interested in collaborating within the industry, De Groot creates his own workplace within the factory grounds. Once familiar with the process of the existing techniques, De Groot experiments with the available machinery and materials for new innovative uses.

Inflatable Clothing

 During the process of my graduation collection I thought of making inflatable garments. My graduation project is about the loss of the North Pole and its influence on our clothing and emotional state. I came up with the idea to make inflatable garments when I did my research on protective materials and life vests. I came in contact with Dolfing through advice and there was an immediate positive connection. They invited me to visit the compa

Travel pillow

One of the first inflatable travel pillows that are produced in the Netherlands before the mass production was moved to Asia.